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Why Mini-Stars Sports and Arts

With the Mini-Stars program, professional soccer players and trainers will work with various childcare providers, schools, clubs and academies to offer an opportunity for young children to experience the joy of soccer.  This program is designed not only teach soccer, but to ensure that all the participants have a good time, exercising and developing quick reflexes, and attention awareness.

Through various teaching techniques, such as games and exercises, the children will gain body coordination and will learn how to interact in a positive manner with other children or “teammates.”  In the clinics the focus is on involving all the children in an atmosphere where each child is equally important – fostering the idea of teamwork.

The Mini-Stars program promotes the union of physical involvement with critical thinking skills to aid in the timely development of life – skills that will benefit the growth of each child. Furthermore, the children will learn proper techniques for basic soccer skills and body coordination. They will come away from the program with an appreciation and enthusiasm for the sport.  Most importantly, the program’s main goal is to provide a safe and comfortable environment in which the children can have a great time and lots of FUN!!!, playing soccer.




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